24 Dec

Happy Christmas Sms ! Christmas Best Sms





At Christmastime and all year through,
lots of love is sent 2 u
Take Care My Dear Lovey Kid
Im Back Soon Happy Christmas !!!

With many loving wishes for a Christmas
My Son that will bring 2 someone
as special as u the best of everything
Happy Christmas !!!

Bells are ringing the wishes of christmas day
The flying snowflakes send
my most sincere blessings 2 u merry christmas !!!


26 Jun

Love Sms – I Love You

Love Sms - I Love You
Very Very True Message But, Unspoken.
“Love Is On Lips Of Many But In The Heart Of Few” !!!

The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is Love and
 the dearest person in the world is you. thats why I Love You !!!

Life Depends On Love Love Depends On Trust
Trust Depends On Heart Heart Depends On Only You !!!

I love you- I love you All that I want to say
It is my vision in the night My dreaming in the day light !!!

9 Jan

My Life Is A Book

My Life Is A Book
If my life is a book 
Your are it’s cover

Inside every page
You love me like no other

When ever you’re close
My eye’s don’t blink

Because you’ve colored my day’s
With true loves ink

Words you’ve written
Are so pure and true
That my heart keeps falling in love with you 

Your memory will bring joy, whenever i’ll bleed !!!

5 Oct

I Love You Sms

Love doesnt say

Love doesnt say
do you love me.
Love only says
I love you.
Love doesnt ask
who are you.
Love only says
you are mine.
Love doesnt ask
where are you from.
Love only says
you live in my heart.
Love doesnt ask
what do you do.
Love only says
you make me heart beat.
Love doesnt ask
why are you faraway.
Love only says
ou are always with me.
you are my love